Stay Put Lip Duo Step by Step

This item has been discontinued however for those still using this product this tutorial will be helpful. Application is very important to insure a long last and to keep lips in top condition. These steps will make sure the product  provides top performance and the color choice is right for the look you need.

Stay Put Lip Duos

Stay Put Lip Duos

Step 1. Be sure lips are not chapped before application. Lips that have dead skin will look uneven as the product will cling to the dead skin and dry there. Be sure to hydrate lips regularly before bed time with a lip balm. Lip Smoother TIP: To keep lips smooth especially the night before a performance by applying an oil like Coconut Oil or Olive Oil on to lips then using an old tooth brush, brush lips to remove all the dead skin. Wipe and apply a lip moisture balm before bed so lips will be in top shape before application. Dry lips are the #1 reason a lipstick will fade.

Step 2. Choose the right color needed for your performance. Stage Red is best for teens and more dramatic numbers like Jazz or for a more classic stage look. Rhubarb is best for younger performers and perfect for all ages to compliment Ballet, Lyrical, Folk or Hip Hop numbers.

Rhubarb color

Applying Rhubarb Lip Duo

Step 3. Using the wand side with the color apply to dry, smooth lips. Apply as exact and even as possible in short strokes making sure color is not too thick. A light even coverage is all that’s needed. Be sure not to forget the corners of your mouth. Color dries quickly so be sure to clean up any errors right away.


Applying Clear Gloss side of Lip Duo

Step 4. Allow to dry. Test color is dry by tapping lips with finger to make sure color is set. Use Clear side of Lip Duo to apply gloss over entire lip. This not only adds shine but will protect lips from drying. Keep gloss handy to re apply when needed.

TIP: For Longer Last be sure to avoid foods that are oily. Salads with oily dressing, cheese, french fries and other oily foods break down the product.  To avoid loosing the gloss and color when eating be sure to take small pieces and of your food and place your bite into your mouth. Avoiding contact with your lips is the best way to keep your lip color in place and fresh.

TIP: To Remove your lip color use Coconut or Almond Oil or an oily makeup remover. Massage onto lips then wipe with a tissue or facial wipe.


Rhubarb Lip Duo

6 Red after WO

Stage Red Lip Duo.

11-Shimmer-Pot-apply WO

Applying Shimmer Pot in Moon Gold.

TIP: Create sparkle and pop to the lips by applying Shimmer Pot to the center of the upper and lower lip before gloss. Apply gloss over and blend to create a beautiful pulling forward fullness to the lips.


After applying Shimmer Pot in Moon Gold

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