Summer Beauty Tips

Summer Beauty

Summer Beauty

Cool summer beauty tips that take the heat.

Many performers can easily become dehydrated during the summer months often forgetting to take extra care when under extreme heat. Headaches, loss of energy and lack of focus are common symptoms. Body skin can become uneven in tone,  flaky, blotchy and develop rashes from heat and perspiration. Applying makeup and trying to keep your look fresh all day especially in summer humidity  can be especially challenging. It’s also important to remember that Makeup for performing under hot lights is different from performing under the hot sun. When Summer is in full swing it’s time to adjust your makeup colors for the bright light and protect your skin from the burning rays. These tips will help you look and feel your best when the heat is on.

Switch to oil-free products. To help control shine anything resting on your skin should be oil-free including your sunscreen.  Mode Dion Foundations and Powders are all oil-free.

Change foundation and powder. Adjust your light foundation by mixing in a few drops of a shade darker foundation. If your current foundation is only slightly lighter than your summer skin-tone use an oil-free powder one shade darker and with a golden undertone, to enhance features where the sun would tan like the sides of forehead, cheekbones, sides of nose, chin ect..  Be sure to powder down passed the jawbone and onto the throat to prevent discoloration lines.  Watch for under eye concealer’s that now might appear too light and not natural.

Go light on mascara or skip it all together.  Even water-proof mascara can run as oils from perspiration mix into your lashes and cause your mascara to breakdown. Natural looking short false lashes applied to the outer half of eyes can prevent that mascara ring below eyes and still provide a thick lash look. Be sure to use water-proof glue as lids might get moist in humidity.

Brighten color on lips and cheeks using peach, coral or pink shades.  Avoid dull colors like mauve, purple, grey or deep brown. If you love  brown or bronze tones be sure they have a warm undertone or golden glimmer to catch the light.  A little more color onto the cheeks and lips will allow you to go lighter on the mascara and eye shadow, which smudges easily in heat. The compact shown below Pretty N Pink eye, cheek and lip kit has everything you need for summer brights that last.

Pretty N Pink Twinkle Star

Pretty N Pink

Set and hold makeup with a light dusting of oil-free powder including over cheek color, eyelids and lip liner. Blot  makeup shine with Blotting Papers (sold at drug stores) or a soft cloth. Don’t use tissue paper as the fibers can cause irritation.

Extreme heat: Avoid cosmetic formulations with lots of fragrance and perfumes. Heat can increase potential for irritation and sun combined with fragrance, can cause skin discoloration.  Use products that contain mint, which has a long lasting cooling effect on the skin.  When performing out in the sun always use an oil-free sunscreen, at least SPF 25, under make-up for protection.  If you become red or inflamed, either from heat rash or sun exposure use products that contain Aloe Vera to soothe.  Be sure to use a lip balm under lipstick with SPF protection, as lips are first to burn.

Quench a thirsty body and skin. Hydrate from within. The most important fluid your body needs is water. The best water to drink is natural spring water, bottled at the source.  Shaking your bottled water a few times helps oxygenate it for faster absorption into the body.  Place a slice of lemon into each glass of water to help your body quickly absorb the moisture and regain balance.  A slice of cucumber is wonderful addition as well and full of anti-oxidants. Used at many top spas, a slice in your glass will cleanse the body and refresh. Pro’s also love Coconut Water to super hydrate, replace lost electrolytes and gain many extra health benefits.

Replace lost fluids with this cooling cocktail:

  • Pour boiling water into a pot of fresh mint leaves or mint tea bags.
  • Let cool.
  • Pour one part tea over ice cubes.
  • Pour one part sparkling mineral water or seltzer.
  • Sweeten with honey or organic pure white grape juice

Healthy hydrating snacks. Fruits such as strawberries, all melons (especially cantaloupe), tomatoes, greens, grapes, oranges, kiwis, apples, pineapples, and grapefruit, help restore fluids and carry a lot of vitamins.

Restore dehydrated facial skin. In a small spray bottle filled with pure spring water place inside a a tea bag of Green Tea which has powerful skin ant-oxidants and provides natural sun protection. For soothing skin try chamomile or rose hips tea bags, fresh mint or cucumber. Store in the fridge. Mist face a few times a day or as needed. Misting is especially helpful in dry climates or during air travel.

Keep your summer skin healthy and radiant. Protect to prevent spots, wrinkles and burns. Most skin damage comes from the sun. Those who wear SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunscreen of 15 and up, sit in the shade, and wear a hat for protection, will greatly lower their risk of sun spots, liver spots, skin cancer, and photo aging (this causes wrinkles and sagging). Sun damage done today may not even show up until ten to fifteen years later.

Always use sunscreen.  If you are prone to blemishes use an oil-free sunscreen as sun exposure can increase sebum production and cause even more breakouts. Don’t forget to re-apply sunscreen as often as indicated on the directions (especially after swimming or sweating). Never leave sunscreen in the sun as it will loose effectiveness.

Cover up. Wear a hat to protect hair and good sunglasses when outside. Bring a cover-up or a T-shirt. Watch for arms, hands and back of neck! Don’t forget to protect your lips when out in the sun.  Lips protrude and catch all the rays, especially if you’re wearing lip gloss. Lip gloss or shiny lipstick can be just like wearing oil on your skin, creating certain sunburn.

Self-tanning lotions do not have sun protection. You look tan but are not sun- safe.

Hair removal and irritation. Whether you shave or wax your legs and bikini area, remember never to do it the same day you are performing or out in the sun.  Sun exposure, salt water, and chlorine can irritate your skin.  Those nasty red bumps will appear, and that’s not pretty!  Don’t forget that goes for under arms too.  Try Tend Skin (at drug stores) to heal and banish bumps fast.

Tan lines are not professional.  Performers should be extra careful to avoid tan lines.  These are hard to cover up and can ruin the look of a costume if exposed.

Cleanse Skin before bed. Be sure to wash, tone and moisturize skin before you sleep to insure skin can heal and breathe from a day of exposure along with all that extra perspiration.  Use products light in oil, that help to loosen dead skin and with anti-bacterial healing properties to prevent breakouts. The perfect product combination for beautiful skin all year is our Mode Dion Skincare Set.  Learn more about each product and their wonderful all natural, organic, healing benefits in our shopping section.

MODE DION Natural Skincare

MODE DION Natural Skincare

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