Rising Star Four Day Workshop


Day One (Bring heels, wear form fitting clothing and photo outfits)

A list of photo perfect clothing ideas and tools needed will be provided 4 weeks prior to workshop.

  • First impressions. What you say without a word.
  • Only one chance to create a good first impression.
  • Style and Image Traps to beware of.
  • Dressing for your body type and discovering your personal style.
  • Using color to influence and how it effects others.
  • Good posture makes you and your clothes look better.
  • Walking with grace & confidence (Secrets of super models).
  • Moving with poise. Entering rooms, sitting pretty, stairs, cars and more.
  • Runway walking pageants, casual, formal.
  • What is Charisma and stage presence? Finding your power.
  • Confidence building techniques.
  • Reading body language.


  • What to wear for a photo shoot.
  • Super Model posing secrets.
  • How to take a great head shot and master a smile.
  • Photo studio manners.
  • Makeup orientation. (A list of makeup and tools needed will be provided)

Day Two

  • Professional Beauty, skin care and body care. The beauty secrets of the stars.
  • Makeup application for photography. Christine will make sure everyone is photo perfect.

PHOTO SHOOT Starring you!

  • Your personal time to shine on camera. Head shot and body shot.

Refining stage confidence, dance numbers and runway walks after shoot.

  • Stage Movement and star power through dance.
  • Runway show dance number.
  • Rehearsing for the fashion and photo show.

Day Three (Social Star Lunch provided)

  • Preparing yourself to face the world and shine.
  • Building inner strength, balance and calm.
  • Opening doors and attracting opportunities.
  • Maturity is not an age it’s an attitude.
  • Social Media and your personal image.
  • Your public best. (hotels, restaurants, theaters, school)
  • Making friends, conversation techniques, social confidence.
  • Social skills that increase your popularity.
  • Dining like a social star. (lunch)
  • Party dancing.
  • Social dancing/couples.
  • Rehearsal for Runway and photo show.
  • Rehearsal for dance number.

Day Four

  • Practice Inner strength, balance and calm.
  • Practice poise, runway walks.
  • Review photos from shoot.
  • Practice photo poses.
  • Practice reading body language.
  • Makeup application step by step.
  • Dressing to impress. (runway show prep)
  • Charisma, confidence and stage power practice.
  • Rehearsing Runway walks (casual, formal) and Photo show
  • Rehearsing dance number opening.
  • Fashion Photo Dance Show Finale starring you!
  • Awards Ceremony