Stage Makeup Steps Burgundy Plum

Stage Makeup Look Burgundy Plum

Stage Makeup Look Burgundy Plum

This look uses the Burgundy Plum Define 2 in the Mode Dion Pro Pallet Eye Shadow Compact.

For a cooler toned stage face look the application is the same as the standard application only using the Burgundy Plum eye shadow shade Define 2 instead of the Brown Define 1.

EYES: Using Mode Dion 5 Color Pro Pallet Eye shadow. Apply Define 2 Burgundy Plum eye shadow in the outer eye corner topping just above the crease and blending half way across the eye bone just above the eye crease. Blend edges with the Balance eye shadow avoiding going under the brow and never onto the lid.  Lift eyes with the Highlight shade under the eye brow and in the inner half of the eye lid.  Use Shimmer Cream Pot to add pop at the inner eye corner, center of lid and brow arch finish the eye opener. Line eyes using a wet liner brush stirred into Define 2 shadow below bottom lashes ending at the outer eye corner lifting up. Do the same using Drama eye shadow/liner in Black to line the upper lid half way across and sweep up at the sides stopping just beyond the eye crease. Apply White pencil in between the two lines and onto the lower lid ridge to keep eyes open.

Flawless Skin: Apply Foundation, Concealer and Powder.

Cheek: Use Contour cheek color to shade cheek bone and  Stage Red cheek color onto the apples to flush.  Enhance cheek bones with Stardust Shimmer Pot.

Lips: Use Rhubarb or Stage Red Lip Stain but top upper and lower lip center with Shimmer Cream Pot in Stardust.

Add a fantasy feel with Crystalina Glitter applied to lips and eye to create lovely opal twinkles. Magical and ethereal. To apply glitter first use Diva Glue over center of lid. Use a Q-tip or brush to pat glitter into glue. Brush off excess that did not stick.  Don’t forget the False Lashes that really open eyes and fill out those brows a must for soft colors.

Sugar Plum Nutcracker

Sugar Plum Nutcracker

Don’t forget the hair rhinestones and Orchid blooms found at Michael’s Craft store. Tip: Take the flowers off the stem and bobby pin them at the base around your bun. Beautiful!

Video shows you how to get the look. Product packaging may vary as we improve our line regularly but colors remain the same.

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