Step By Step Stage Makeup for Men

Stage Makeup For Men

Stage Makeup For Men

In the world of dance most male dancers rely on at least a little make-up to enhance and define their features. Consider this helpful tip checklist to keep male performers looking their best.  Click on highlighted products to view!
1. Clean up your act- Cleanse skin before exercising and thoroughly remove make-up and perspiration after every performance to avoid breakouts. When using foundation to even out skin tone, it’s important to first apply an oil-free moisturizer to keep skin smooth and help make-up last.
2. Flawless face- Redness from hot lights and exertion, un-even skin color, and breakouts should be corrected with a thin layer of oil-free foundation. Make sure to use a golden/yellow undertone to look more natural. TIP: Only use foundation or blemish concealers on the face not under eye concealers, which contain oil and can cause breakouts. Check out Mode Dion Discounted Foundation Kit for all the products you need to achieve a polished stage face.
3. Look fresh – Conceal under eye darkness with concealer used only where needed. To apply the least amount of concealer with the maximum amount of coverage, use a synthetic concealer brush like Mode Dion’s Foundation Brush.  This 5 Color Pro Pallet Concealer not only conceals but adds color and contours too!  Get alone or in this Foundation Kit discounted.
4. Perfect finish- Set foundation and keep shine in check with a light dusting of translucent face powder.
5. Shape/Countour Features- contour cheekbones, along sides of nose, center of chin or jawbone with a pinky/brown cheek color like Mode Dion Contour Cheek.
6. Brow Wow- Fill in and shape brows where needed with brow pencil or cake color to frame eyes. Mode Dion Brow Pencils come with a handy shaping brush.
7. Here comes the groom- Tweeze out or trim unruly brow hairs. Comb brows, sideburns, and other facial hair where needed.
8. Hot Lips- Fill in an un-even lip line with lip pencil in a flesh tone pinky/brown color. Natural Lip Pencil for fair to tan skin and Deep Natural Lip Pencil for a deeper skin tone.
9. Breathing heavy from an intense workout and dehydration can chap lips. Use a lip balm to keep lips in top condition
10. Eye catching- Define eyes along lash line at outer half of eye with brown eye pencil or eye shadow. Set liner with powder for staying power. Mode Dion Mascara is super thickening and can be used but with caution. Apply only one coat and brush out with lash comb for a more natural look.
11. Facial Hair- Fill in and enhance facial hair where needed with cake eye shadow or eye pencil in same shade as facial hair. Focus on beards, side burns and the mustache.

Auditions and make-up

Most men do not wear make-up for an audition. The exception might be some under eye concealer for under eye darkness, a blemish concealer, and or some face powder to reduce shine on camera.

Boys in make-up

Because of their still youthful features too much makeup can appear feminine. Brow grooming, concealer, foundation to even out skin-tone and powder to prevent shine creates a more flawless look. A little red cheek color to flush and a tinted lip balm should be enough to add facial color under hot lights. Use Mode Dion Stage Red cheek color softly on cheeks and tap lips with just a little color to lightly tint, top with lip balm.

Judges warn: When competing in competitions or dancing in a recital remember to keep boys in masculine looking dance wear. Lean towards solid colors or try black pants with a blue or brown shirt. Avoid matching costumes to their female partners if they appear too feminine and keep make-up very light except for specialty themes. Allowing boys to look more masculine increases their confidence and pride as a male dancer.

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