Stage Makeup For Dark Skin Tones

Deep Skone Tone

Deep Skin Tone

Make-up shades when used on a deeper skin tone requires stronger pigment colors. Deeper skin tones usually fall in the groups of Hispanic, Polynesian, Indian, and African, Arabic, etc. Application remains the same but colors are stronger on eyes, cheeks and lips.

Eyes– With Mode Dion 5 Color Pro Pallet eye shadow compact apply Black/Drama at outer eye corner blending up to eye crease. Lift outer corner further with a Brown/Define 1 orĀ  Burgundy 2 eye shadow blending edges of black and lifting up just above outer eye crease. Warm eyes above eye crease, across eye bone, with eye shadow in Terracotta/Balance (warm) or Burgundy (cool). Highlight on lid and under brow with the eye shadow/Highlight. Line eyes with Black/Drama eye shadow/liner on upper lid and below lower lashes.

Lips- Line lips with Hot Tamale Deep Red lip liner and blend onto lips. For lip color that lasts use Stage Red Lip Stain.

Cheeks– Flush with Mode Dion Deep Red cheek and contour with a deep brown tone like Mode Dion Deep Contour.
Strong pigments require more of a focus on blending. Make sure to tap off excess color from make-up brushes before applying to skin and really blend in the edges of one color into the next.

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