Steps For Perfect Brows

By Christine Dion

Shaping brows at home, especially shaping brows for beginners can be a challenge. This how to keep your eyebrows in shape eyebrow shaping guide will guide you on the best way to do eyebrows. Make sure your brows have a nice shape and frame your eyes correctly. A nicely framed eye will help you apply the eye shadow and balance your features.
Paint your eyes into a masterpiece then give them the perfect frame. Shape up and tame unruly brows like a pro with these easy make-up artist’s techniques.

First choose a Brow Shaping Pencil like Mode Dion Brow Blender. This has both color and a handy brush for brow shaping. For brown or black hair choose a color close to your hair color or slightly lighter like Dark Taupe (Brunette). For Blondes choose a color slightly darker like Soft Taupe (Blonde).

Step 1 Shaping Brows

Step 1 Shaping Brows

Step 1. Draw and brush brows into the desired shape first then tweeze around the brow line.  Some make-up artists use a white pencil on brow hairs they plan to pull to see how it will look once the hairs are removed.  This will help in making sure both brows are even and balanced.

Step 2. To find where brows should begin take a pencil and place it along the side of your nose, pointing up and stopping at the inner corner of your eye.  This is where your brows should begin.  Tweeze out the hairs that fall outside the pencil line to open eyes.

Step 3.  To find where your brow arch should look in the mirror straight ahead. Place the pencil at the side of your nose pointing up to the outer edge of the eye pupil.  This is where the brow arch should begin.  Tweeze out the hairs that are not part of the brow line at the arch.  This lifts the eyes.

Step 2 Shaping Brows

Step 4 Shaping Brows

Step 4. To find where brows should end place the pencil along the side of your nose, line to the outer corner of your eye and stop at the end of your brow.  This is where your brow should end.  Most people have brows that are to short, which makes the eyes look smaller.

Tip: If it’s your first time going for the tweezers, a trip to the salon for a professional waxing or tweezing can help you find the perfect shape.  Make sure to explain to the brow specialist that you want the most natural appearance.  Let them do it for you once and just tweeze the strays as they appear over time.

Bushy brows can make eyes look small.  Thin or light brows can make eyes look surprised.  Over tweezed brows sometime never grow back. Be careful not to shave brows as this can turn into a real mess never looking natural.

These tips will help for those that need to tweeze a bit.

Choose a pointy tipped tweezer.  Make sure tweezer is sterilized with rubbing alcohol before you begin.

Remove oil and bacteria from the brow area with a cotton ball dipped in astringent.  This will prevent red bumps and make it easier to tweeze brow hairs.

Pull stray brow hairs in the direction they grow.  Pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth will break hairs at the base leaving little black dots.  These not only look bad but can turn into ingrown hairs!

After tweezing is complete sterilize area again with astringent and give the area a rest.


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