How To Apply Lips For Stage

By Christine Dion

Stage Lips

Stage Red Lipstick

Applying stage makeup is easy if you follow the steps. After Eyes are complete (except for lashes which are last), Foundation, Concealer and Powder applied, it’s time for lips. Applying the lips before the cheek color will help create balance to the face. This helps when it’s time to apply cheek color as there is will be less chance to apply too much.  Lips are the key to balancing your facial features.

Begin with a freshly sharpened lip pencil a shade darker and browner than your lipstick like Russet Lip Liner. This will help pull in the sides of the mouth so when the lipstick is applied the brightness will pull the lips forward creating a fuller effect.  Line lips along their outer edge, be sure to bring out the sides of the mouth and fill in onto the lip about half way. Tip: Fill in lips with lip pencil to increase lipstick last. Lip pencils have wax in them, which increases staying power on the lips. When lipstick starts to fade the lip pencil remains underneath providing color. Draw your lip pencil on by looking one step ahead as your draw. Kind of like riding a bike or driving a car. Line with lips closed. Corners are easier to see and lips stay in place.

Lipstick colors that look best on stage are true reds like our Stage Red lipstick which goes with all costuming.  For a polished, professional, more even and defined lipstick application, use a lip brush, it keeps the lipstick in place much longer and really does make a difference. Tip: For super staying power apply lip liner, then lipstick, blot lips with tissue and with a powder brush, brush loose powder over tissue. The powder helps the tissue to pull out excess oil and seal color.

Junior Stage Makeup Look

Junior Stage Makeup Look

Create a fuller show stopper lip with a lip highlighter on the center of your lips. This is a sparkly or shiny highlighter applied just at the center of the upper and lower lip to add fullness. Try our lip Sparkle. This comes with a handy brush to makes application easy.

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