Asian Eye Makeup Step By Step

Asian-faceAsian eye makeup or eyes that do not have a pronounced eye lid such as small eyes, hooded lids or Almond shaped eyes all require a slight variation when it comes to eye makeup application.

Almond Shaped, hooded or Small Eyes– Lining makes the difference. Add liner to the most outer edge of the eyes. On the upper lid, start at the end of the lash line, sweeping out and up towards end of brow, stopping just above the crease. Line under bottom lashes starting at center of eye and finishing slightly beyond the end of the lash line. Do not meet liners at the outer corners. This creates a longer, more opened eye. Use white pencil to highlight on lower lid (ridge above lower lashes) and between the liners at the outer eye corner.

Eyes Without Lid Showing – For eyes without a noticeable lid (usually Asian eyes) it’s important to draw attention to the lid and create a crease. First, blend the darkest shadow three quarters of the way across the eye bone just above crease of eye. Brush medium shadow shade just above the dark shadow onto the eye bone, blending in the edges. Lightest shadow is applied across entire lid and way up under the brow. Line eyes with the same technique as done for small eyes.

Here is an Easy Step By Step


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