Stage Cheeks

Stage Cheek application

Stage Cheek application

How To Apply Perfect Stage Cheek Color

By Christine Dion

Cheek color is applied after Eyeshadow, Foundation, Concealer and Powder, Lip liner and Lipstick. Cheek color is for creating bone structure, cheek color definition and adding life or flush to the face. Applying cheek color last or after the main colors to the face will prevent over application. Be sure to click on highlighted products to view.

Contour– Start with contouring. A brown color with a hint of pink which makes it neutral. This shade is not used to add color but to define your bone structure as well as to shape your cheekbones.Feel with your finger along the underside of your cheekbone. Start by applying our contour cheek shade in Whisper Nude, using a cheek brush starting at the center of your ear and blending along the bone, towards the base of your nostrils. Place three fingers pointing up next to the base of your nostrils. As you are blending down along your cheekbone stop two fingers out from your nose. Shade along sides of nose and forehead. High foreheads can benefit from contouring along hair line.

Cheek Color Flush and Contour

Cheek Color Flush and Contour

Flush– To flush, use our Stage Red cheek color. This adds just the right amount of red, sheer and flawless, for a natural flush. Use a cheek brush and before applying color, tap off excess on tissue. Apply sparingly to the apples of the cheeks and slightly up onto cheekbones in a teardrop shape.

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