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This compact has a three eye shadows with the brown shade doubling as an eye liner. The colors are brown DEFINE/LINE, terracotta BALANCE and shimmer HIGHLIGHT a stage red CHEEK and stage LIP.

MY RECITAL Step by Steps Here




Pretty N Pink Twinkle StarThis compact has three eye shadows with the burgundy/plum shade doubling as an eye liner.
The colors are burgundy/plum DEFINE/LINE, taupe BALANCE and shimmer HIGHLIGHT,
pink CHEEK and pink LIP.
MY FIRST RECITAL Step by Step Here.



CLASSIC STAGE FACE (Mini Kit or Pro Kit)

The PRO KIT has the following colors: 5 Color Pro Pallet eye shadow, White eye pencil, Shimmer Cream Duo, Stage Red cheek color and Lip Stain in either Rhubarb or Stage Red. The MINI KIT has all of these items except the White pencil and Shimmer Cream Duo.
Classic Stage Face Application Step By Step Here
Above link includes links to application steps for eye shadow, lining, cheek, lip stains, foundation/concealer/powder, brows, false eye lashes, brushes and more.