Stage Makeup Tips for Animal Faces

Steps To Stage Makeup Animal Faces.

Stage Makeup Cat Face

Stage Makeup Cat Face

Whether your stage makeup needs are for Cats, Monkeys, Mice, Rabbits or Dogs these stage makeup tips will help guide you to create all kinds of animal faces. Understanding the animal face structure and characteristics specific animals have is the start to creating your perfect animal face.
Define and highlight– Define features by using a dark shade to pull features in and Highlight by using a light shade to pull features forward.

Animal faces– Animals have a muzzle and pronounced forehead. Highlight the center of the forehead, over the eye brows, down the center of the nose to above the upper lip, around the mouth and down the chin. Define along the sides of the nose and forehead. This will pull the face forward. Most animals have bold nostrils. Many with dark nose tips and no visual lips. Defining the end of the nose and nostrils along with defining the lips with a dark color (brown or black) will finish the muzzle. You can cover lips and eye brows with foundation or white eye pencil to diminish their appearance even more.

Whisker’s are best shown by placing black dots instead of drawing on long lines. Glued on whisker’s are more tricky. Using eye lash glue at the tip of a fine black plastic strand or stiff thread, glue whisker to the upper lip area. If on a large stage just use the dot method as the whisker’s won’t be seen.

Animals have pronounced cheekbones– Defining the sides of the face below the cheekbones down to the jaw line will bring the chin forward and lift the cheekbones higher. Highlighting high on the cheekbone and the chin with a white or white shimmer shade will pull the face forward even more.

Animals have different eyes than humans– Cats and wolves have exotic eyes that are lined to sweep up at the outer eye corner and sweep down towards the nose at the inner eye corner. Monkeys, Dogs, Rabbits, Mice all have very round black eyes. Rounding the center of the lower eye lid with white eye pencil and lining the lower lash line rounding the line fuller at the center will create a more rounded look. Black eye shadow over the eye lid will pull eyes in and make them smaller.

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