1920’s Flapper Stage Makeup

1920’s Stage Makeup Look

Words like The Charlston, Flapper Girl were related to dance but the 1920’s Flapper was more than a dance or a look it was an attitude. The original face of the JAZZ AGE. The 1920’s was the era that created the modern woman. World War One had taken it’s toll. Celebration of life was in full swing along with the Charleston. Women found a voice in this era. With the success of their new right to vote they began to question and explore freedom on a personal level. Women no longer wanted to be confined to tight corsets and dresses they couldn’t get into on their own! The new style of dresses became loose fitting and rose from the ankles to just below the knee for easy movement. Even Coco Chanel created a fad by wearing pants which had never been done at the time. Long hair, requiring endless styling, was cut short into a bob. Women wanted to dance freely, be flirty and get noticed. Glamour, glitz and putting on the Ritz was new and exciting! From Hollywood to Paris the new makeup look was confident, smokey eyes and deep, sultry, vixen lips. It seemed women could do anything and they did!!!
This look celebrates women and how far we’ve come.

Flapper Girl Makeup

Flapper Girl Makeup

The 20’s JAZZ look is dark brows, eyes and lips. Colors for lips, cheeks and eyes were dark shades of burgundy and black. THE LOOK
1. Brows– Should be dark even black is o.k.. Some Flapper’s wore thick dark brows while Starlet’s brows were very dark and thin. For thin brows cover brow hair with foundation and draw on a thin black line. See Mode Dion Brow Pencils for perfect brows.
2. Eyes- Define eyes using Mode Dion 5 Color Pro Pallet.  Begin with black shadow at outer lash corner sweeping up to above the crease blending over to the inner eye corner. To keep eyes looking open, do not blend onto center of lid. Keep the look rounded. These are not “Cat Eyes” but round “Doe Eyes”. Blend burgundy eye shadow into the edges of the black above crease rounding eye from outer corner to inner corner. Wet liner brush, stir into black eye shadow and line across lid and below lower lash line creating a fuller line at the center of lower lashes. For a large stage apply white pencil onto lower lid and a little at the outer corner to make eyes appear even rounder. Finish lining by applying burgundy eye shadow dry on top of the black smudging more at the center of the lower lashes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           3. Foundation/Concealer & Powder– Clean up mess under the eyes from eye shadow fall out and apply foundation, concealer and powder in that order to create flawless skin.  Mode Dion’s Foundation Kit does it all for flawless looks.
4. Lips– Lips need to be small “rosebud” shaped. The sides of the lips come in with the top “bow” very defined. Use a burgundy lip liner and lipstick. If you don’t have a burgundy lip liner or want to make your lips almost black, blend black eye shadow with your liner brush into your lipstick. Rhubarb lipstick works well for this. To create more fullness to the lips apply a light shimmering lipstick like Lip Sparkle to upper and lower lip center.
5. Cheeks– Flush apples in red cheek color like Mode Dion Stage Red and apply a little stronger than you normally would so the cheeks really show up.
6. Add a mole just above upper lip or at temple by dipping your wet liner brush into black shadow.
7. Glitz- If costume has a lot of glitz (rhinestones or sequins) add a little glitter to compliment costume color just at the center of the upper eye lid to look wet. Mode Dion Glitter in Silver will provide that effect. A headband with a flower or feather at the side for Flapper or for Cabaret and Moulin Rouge choose a top hat to add drama. Bob wigs in black or platinum create the hair style of the day. Call Mode Dion for our wig selection for this look.

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