Glitter Stage Makeup Step By Step

Stage Glitter Makeup

Stage Glitter Makeup

Glitter stage makeup on eyes and lips can add drama and excitement to your performance. Mode Dion Stage Glitter Makeup Kits are stunning on stage but must be used correctly. Eye Glitter makeup can be dangerous to the eyes. Too much glitter can over power your makeup look and even make eyes appear smaller. Glitter does not go with every performance theme and should be used only for glitzy costumes or too add drama.

These steps will help you apply your dazzling glitter safely as well as professional so the glitter does not over power your beautiful stage makeup look. Be sure to click on highlighted products to view.

MODE DION Stage Glitter Applicationburgundy shadow and crystalina

MODE DION Stage Glitter is unique in that it is pure glitter. There is no powder filler added. This makes it lighter to wear and more brilliant under lights for the ultimate sparkle. Because it is cut flat like a fish scale it must be patted on not rubbed. These tips will help you get the most out of your glitz!

  1. Make sure make-up is completed including false lashes.
  2.  Apply a small amount of Eye Lash Glue onto skin or the end of a Q-tip and spread a thin layer evenly onto any area where glitter will be applied. This is not needed for lip application. A little moist lip product is all that is needed to hold glitter to lips.
  3. Using the wet end of the Q-tip, dip into the glitter pot to pull pieces onto Q-tip end.  Pat glitter onto wet Lash Glue until they stick.  Pat only!
  4. Do not rub glitter on as pieces will rub off.  Keep dipping and patting onto area until desired thickness of glitter color is achieved.
  5. Use a soft face brush and swipe gently over application area to brush off loose pieces that may travel or fall into unwanted areas.

Glitter On Lips

go go girl makeup

go go girl makeup

Apply glitter over the lipstick patting onto lips. Sometimes just a bit to the upper and lower lip center is enough for more fullness and shine. Do not apply glitter into lip gloss as it will diminish its brilliance.  MODE DION’S “Pretty In Pink” soft pink and “Sangria” bright pink are wonderful for changing a red lipstick into the perfect pink shade. Soften the red shade or create a sparkle gloss effect by using “Crystalina” onto lips a lovely opal color (See photo of model). Make red lips sparkle with “Ruby Slippers”.Ruby-Slippers-jr

To Remove Glitter

Remove glitter by using eye makeup remover wipes or a face wash and a wash cloth. Always remove eye makeup using downward strokes never side to side as this works the glitter and makeup into the eye. Never use soap around the eyes…ouch!

Another fast change technique, especially for numbers that glitter is inappropriate, is to use First Aid Tape pressed onto glitter then gently and slowly pull away the tape. Glitter will come off but eye makeup or lipstick will remain behind. If glitter has been stuck for awhile it may take a few times of peeling it off but it’s worth it!

Glitter changes the theme and feel of you makeup look. From sweet Pretty N Pink to dramatic Ruby Slippers see how these glitters look on and change with your costume and mood.

MODE DION Cosmic Spray is the finest glitter spray available!
Our exclusive combination of Gold glitter to bring out skin-tones and compliment brunette hair highlights along with Silver glitter to bring out rhinestones and compliment blond hair highlights. Stardust and Moonlight together make Cosmic Spray out of this world!
Up to 100 sprays in every can with a water-proof seal for ultimate hold!

Body Glitter Cosmic Spray

Body Glitter Cosmic Spray

WARNING! Shake 20 times to prevent clogs. Spray 2 ft. away, with back and forth motions in short spurts.

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