Junior Stage Makeup “Age Appropriate”

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Appropriate Stage Makeup Ages 6-10

Children from 3-10 years of age, have cute little faces that are bright and animated but on stage their small more delicate features can fade and be hard to see. A little makeup on these tiny performers applied correctly can go along way to keep them looking their age and looking their best on stage. A mother or an assigned make-up artist will undertake the task of application which can sometimes prove quite challenging. Children are not at ease with someone poking around their eyes, and hate keeping still for any length of time. Mascara, liner, and lipstick can prove particularly difficult. Here are a few easy make-up techniques that have worked well for me to keep these tiny dancers looking great and feeling more comfortable.

Brows- Get the brows in check.  Brows are very important as they draw the focus to the eyes and with the application of eye makeup being softer at this age a perfect brow to frame those eyes is a must. Learn how to achieve beautiful brows in our stage makeup training section. Check out our website for our awesome Mode Dion Brow Pencils. Always natural with a long last. Make sure brows are in perfect form before beginning as these will be your guidelines to a perfect eye color application.

Define Eyes– Our 5-Color Pro Eye Shadow Pallet has two choices to choose from for defining and lining the eye. Choose either Brown matte shadow/define 1 or Burgundy Plum/define 2. Apply the defining shade in the outer corner of the eye blending just above the eye crease half way across the lid. Next blend those edges using the Balance warm shadow shade across the eye bone. Be sure to blend the define shades edges in well to appear seamless.  Lastly apply the matte cream Highlighter shade on the lid and below the eye brow. Use a pointy liner brush made wet with water or Eye Liner Sealer to stir into the Defining shade eye shadow to create a creamy eye liner. Apply to outer upper eye corner lifting up and out and to the lower eye corner out. DO NOT MEET LINES. Leave outer eye corner lines open so eyes appear larger from a distance.

Junior Stage Makeup

Junior Stage Makeup

Highlight in between the two lines with the White Eye pencil.  Clean up any under eye messes with face wipe.

This video link will show you the steps for a perfect polished “Junior Stage Face”

Make it easy and uniform with these Mode Dion STAGE MAKEUP KITS

Even Out Skintone– Children have lovely skin but can easily flush on stage making skin tones look uneven. Cheek flushing from performing can distort blush color application and create a blotchy appearance. On moisturized skin apply a yellow undertone matte liquid foundation down the front of the face and around the cheek area to keep skin tone even, cover under eye darkness with concealer as stage lights can create shadows there. Set with an oil-free, yellow toned face powder to keep skin flawless for hours.  Avoid Mineral Makeup as this is light reflective and can distort features under stage lights.  See in stage makeup “Flawless Skin”.  See here our Pro Pallet 5 Color Concealer great for easy coverage of minor imperfections.
See here Foundation Kits for a more flawless professional makeup look.

Cheeks– Cheek color should be soft.  Apply Mode Dion Stage Red cheek color high on the rounds of the cheek to look sweet and natural. Blend in well to avoid looking too over done. Bright colored blush should not be applied along the cheekbone. A red stripe across the side of the face is not natural looking on any performer but shows up even more on a small face, over powering and distorting their makeup look. Cheekbones come alive with a little Shimmer. Use Mode Dion Shimmer Pot high on the cheekbone. This add more life to the face.

Lips– Lips on children are so small and from the a side view often haven’t filled out. Applying a lip shade can be difficult as the lips are small and hard to apply color too. Using a Lip Brush whenever possible can make the application easier. First use a lip liner in Russet to fill out the sides of the mouth. Apply the liner all over the lip to help seal on lip color. Top with Rhubarb a sheer lipstick shade that does not over power their little features. Avoid a true bright opaque red unless the performer is in a bright red costume.
Add Pop To Lips– A little shimmer at the center of the upper and lower lip (especially at the bow) will create a larger looking lip and tone down the red tint even more. Try Mode Dion Lip Gloss in Sparkle for super glossy pop!

Shimmer– Little ones love to twinkle and a little shimmer will help create pop to the eyes and cheekbones. Brown or green eye color shows brighter with gold white shimmer and blue eyes with silver white shimmer. Shimmer should be applied at the brow arch, center of lid and inner eye corner.
Try Mode Dion Moon Gold Shimmer Pot or Stardust Shimmer Pot

Lashes– Mascara is so important to open and enhance eyes. Always apply to lower lashes first then upper lashes wiggling wand close to lash line to intensify application. Be sure chin is raised and eyes look down when applying to upper lashes. We love this Mode Dion Super Length Black Mascara. Stays put but easy to remove.



Removing stage makeup properly is just as important as putting it on correctly. Always avoid soap especially around the eyes. Before cleansing off a stage face use eye makeup wipes or soothing Mode Dion Cucumber Makeup Wipes over the eyes first downward strokes so eye makeup stays out of eyes. Never rub side to side as this can work the product into the eyes and cause stinging and burning. Finish by wiping lips to begin breaking down color as well. After eyes are clean massage a lotion wash onto the skin. Use warm water on a dark colored wash cloth to begin removing makeup, then splash face with water. The heat from the water on washcloth breaks makeup down quickly and the dark color of the cloth prevents stains.
Choosing a proper product to wash skin is very important. Children are sensitive so only use products designed for the face.  Try our all Natural Chemical Free Organic Lavender Face Wash for the ultimate in gentle cleansing.


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